After Sep 2018 Meeting

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On September the 20th the Dutch Petrophysical society had a technical seminar preceded by a DPS board meeting. The seminar was focused on Quantitative interpretation and Geomechanics with the speakers Maciej Kozlowski (Haliburton) and Sergey Vorobiev (Wintershall). The titles of the presentations were: ”Quantitative Interpretation of Sonic Compressional and Shear Logs for Gas Saturation in Medium Porosity Sandstone” and “Rock-physics Anisotropy and its Applications in Geomechanics”.

Maciej Kozlowski (Haliburton) and Sergey Vorobiev with the DPS president Iulian Hulea (at their left) while receiving a speaker gift.


The Kivi venue and part of the audience.

The meeting has been well attended and followed by a social event.

Upcoming events:
The next DPS technical seminar will be held on December the 6th, KIVI The Hague, The Neterlands.