Value of Information. Sep 13th 2017 meeting reflections

We had on September 13th the third 2017 meeting around the “Value of Information” theme. The highlights are:  Best attendance to date by 51 subsurface professionals (covering service companies, operators, independents/ consultants and students from TU Delft).

The subject resonated with many professionals who have to deal with current challenges of our industry. Presenters Abdul Hamid (EBN) and Jean Paul Koninx (Shell) received a good number of interesting questions, with the continued discussions well into the social hour.

Tom Bradley DPS President has shared new relationship structure with SPWLA. New DPS board is excited to carry proud Petrophysical legacy across current challenging times into the brave new world of the future.

DPS initiating a student competition to draw in passionate young future professionals into the society.

Winter is coming and for December 7th 2017 our theme is “Pre-abandonment logging and well integrity”.

There is always thaw after cold bitter winter and for March 1st 2018 our theme is “Geothermal Petrophysics”.

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