March 2020 Meeting Report

The DPS March 2020 meeting report was attended by 29 representatives of the Dutch subsurface community. The presentation by Stefano Pruno from Stratum Reservoir on the Norwegian Core Digitization Project… Read more »

DPS June 2020 Meeting and AGM

We will be holding the DPS June meeting and AGM on Thursday 4th June 2020. Because of the current restrictions we’ll be holding this as an online virtual meeting: The… Read more »

After June 6th 2019

On June the 6th the DPS had the Annual General meeting and a seminar on “Improved tight gas reservoir description”. Prof.  Quentin Fisher (Leeds University) presented on “Petrophysical properties of… Read more »

Our Last Meeting in 2018

On December the 6-th the Dutchpetrophysical society had a technical seminar focused on cement evaluation anddepth control. The title of the work presented by Marcelo Cenena (Schlumberger) was: CementEvaluation with LWD… Read more »

After Sep 2018 Meeting

On September the 20th the Dutch Petrophysical society had a technical seminar preceded by a DPS board meeting. The seminar was focused on Quantitative interpretation and Geomechanics with the speakers… Read more »