About the DPS

The Dutch Petrophysical Society strives to bring together professionals in The Netherlands that work with or have an interest in Formation Evaluation and would like you to be part of the journey of reviving the Society.

The DPS is the official Dutch chapter of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts

The 2017-2018 DPS Board

  • President – Tom Bradley (Baker Hughes)
  • Secretary – Danijela Krizanic (Engie E&P)
  • VP Technology – Iulian Hulea (Shell)
  • Treasurer – Paul Mast (Independent)
  • VP Communications and Publications – Igor Kim (Shell)
  • Young Professionals Representatives – Morgane Bizeray (Baker Hughes), Abdul Hamid (EBN)
  • Regular Board Members – Tracey Flynn (Wintershall), Tarek el-Taraboulsi (Schlumberger), Simon Smith (Halliburton)
  • Past President – Shyam Ramaswami (Shell)

The 2016-2017 DPS Board

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  • President – Shyam Ramaswami (Shell)
  • VP Technology – Danijela Krizanic (Engie)
  • VP Comms/Publishing – Tom Bradley (Baker Hughes)
  • Secretary – Tarek El-Taraboulsi (Schlumberger)
  • Treasurer – Paul Mast (Consultant)
  • Regular Board Members – Jim Vagher (Halliburton), Tracey Flynn (Wintershall)
  • Past President – Wim Looyenstijn